Why Jesus died – Lent4 Wednesday

But that only made them even more intent on killing him.  Some people wonder why the Son of God came 2000 years ago and not today.  One reason is that today he would have been killed a lot faster. Because Jesus is a threat to the status quo, in any society.  Why?  Because what the status quo offers is no match for the unconditional love and perfect liberty that Jesus offers; and because those who say yes to Jesus are freed from the power of the Pharisees in every society.

This is why the Pharisees desired to shut him up: because the more people believed in Jesus, the less attention people paid to them. But Jesus was so free that he could not be shut up, so they silenced him by killing him.  But the beautiful thing is, because he was a true Son of the Father, even death could not constrain his freedom.  In killing him, the Pharisees played right into the Father’s hands, and through their crime accomplished the liberation of all who place their trust in his Son.  Forever.

All societies have Pharisees.  The task of Christians of every age is:- to be aware of who they are; love them as they do all others; gently correct them when necessary; and, above all, radiate with unstinting courage the joy and peace of belonging to the Trinity, so that the Pharisees, like each of us, may fulfil their foundational desire for the unconditional love that only God can give.