Slavery and Freedom – Lent5 Wednesday

Everyone who commits sin is a slave. We know Jesus is right. We know we all sin, we all want to stop, and that we never do. In other words: we know we are slaves, crippled addicts, to being greedy for ourselves, to hurting others and to ignoring God.  Isn’t this foolish?  Of course it is.  This is why we choose to receive the bread of fools: the Eucharist.  Anyone who chooses to receive the Eucharist is announcing to everyone “I am a fool! I am a sinner!”. Because it is in the Eucharist, and in all the sacraments which flow from it, that we find freedom, that Jesus achieves what he says here: Now the slave’s place in the house is not assured, but the son’s place is assured. So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed.

This is what we are doing at this mass: we have brought ourselves, and our loved ones, to the one who can set free, to the one who wants to.  As the first reading points out: he has sent his angel to rescue his servants.  Except he went further than that: he didn’t send an angel for us.  He came himself.  It wasn’t just long ago.  It is today he comes.  This is what next week, and Easter, is all about.  Let us turn to next week now, let us receive that his saving flesh in our mouths now, praying to him for ourselves and our loved ones, for that freedom that only he can give.