Christians are a gift to the state (Eastertide2Thu)

church-1400044420vruObedience to God comes before obedience to men.  While arrogant-sounding, it is in fact the reverse which is not only arrogant but unreasonable.  Why?  Because if God exists – and God, if he is God, is eternal, and therefore unblemished, and therefore perfectly knowing of all things – it would be unreasonable to suggest that he should bow before limited and error-prone human reason.

This is not to put the Church above the state: true Christians are the servants of all, and the best servants of the state.  But their capacity for being good servants, like the capacity of any person to help another, is dependent on the extent to which they are anchored in the truth.  

Neither the state or majority has authority over the truth: government can no sooner change the truths of conscience than it can the truths of celestial mechanics.  And since lies imprison and hurt, but the truth sets free, so do Christians, to best serve state and society, have a state and social duty to witness to the truth – be it human, celestial or divine.  Christians are not Truth’s masters: but they are, along with good scientists and journalists, its witnesses, as Peter tells us.  This will not always make them popular: truth-tellers are always initially unfashionable, and we see today that the officials wanted to kill the apostles.  But it will help build a better society.