Persecution – Eastertide3 Wednesday

That day a bitter persecution started against the church in Jerusalem.  Jesus gives us a gentle sober reminder today that the joy of being Christian is not disassociated from the cross – and that this joy completely outweighs the comparatively small amount of suffering of the cross.  The cross is a real cross.  And it’s not simply linked to our personal sufferings either.  It is also a cross shouldered by the whole Church throughout the whole cosmos.  Neither the ‘liberations’ of the Enlightenment or the Sixties has liberated the Church from the cross.  Christ’s body, which is what the Church is, continues to taunted and tortured by sinners.  Us Catholics aren’t innocent of this either, because whenever we sin, we are hurting Christ’s body – because we are part of it.  It is hence no surprise that, statistically, Christians are the most persecuted group in the world today.  While anyone of goodwill will obviously work to eliminate this injustice, it does not cause Christians an existential crisis because our joys, and the good things we have as Christians, infinitely outweigh these.  No matter our relatively tiny suffering, have full communion with the Bread of Life: we are never hungry, never thirsty – never lacking.  Praise be to Jesus.  Let us entrust ourselves to his limitless loving providence toda