Judging people (Eastertide3Fri)

He has only come here because he holds a warrant from the chief priests to arrest everybody who invokes your name.’  Ananias, in uttering this sentence, is judging Paul.  How does he know what his intentions are?  How does he know the experience of his heart?  Certainly, we would say his judgement is not an unreasonable or unlikely one.  But here we have Saul categorised, compartmentalised – and controlled.  This is not the openness of heart Jesus expects of those who belong to him.  Jesus has a right to expect our openness of heart because his heart has always been open for us: he illustrates that in the bursting of his heart on the cross.  Which we did to him.  So let us ask the grace of conversion today: that we stop judging others for their evil, and, while not being naive, have an attitude of perpetually patient openness of heart to them, and to their change.  That is why conversion is important: we and our attitudes are always the first problem.  It is our heart which must change first.  Let us offer our hearts to the furnace of the Sacred Heart today.