Light in the dark – Eastertide4 Wednesday

Let the your face shed it’s light upon us.  This plea is not just found in the Psalm.  It is a plea found in the depths of our hearts.  God, if you are there, do something, look at me, cast the light of your love on my heart.  It is not usually our situations which are difficult: mainly, we live them as difficult.  Certainly, they can be objectively unfair, cruel and dark.  But the need to protect ourselves aside, it is often our attitude, and our openness of heart to reality, that weighs on us the most.  And the first thing to consider is whether we are there with the Lord.  The Lord is certainly there.  There is nowhere he is not save perhaps hell.  Do we turn to him, immediately, for help?  We can, you know:  I, the light, have come into the world, so that whoever believes in me need not stay in the dark anymore.  When we turn to him, the dark is slightly less dark, the cold slightly warmer – because he is there, in the dark, with us.  And it is easier to live, because he is there.  A Christian is never alone:  because he is, always, with us.