Disagreements in the Church – Eastertide5 Wednesday

This led to disagreement.  Disagreement in the Church are nothing new.  Like a good village of hobbits, we have always had disagreements about doctrine or discipline or mercy.  Disagreements, in a community of love, are not a problem.  The question is: how did they resolve these disagreements in such a way that the community was not split up, like the protestant churches seem to?  Our forefathers show us today: first, they made sure they had a long argument.  And second, they took it to a council of the Church: it was arranged that Paul and Barnabas and others of the church should go up to Jerusalem and discuss the problem with the apostles and elders.  This is what we did at Vatican II, and Pope Francis did a similar thing with the Family Synod:- everyone has lots of different ideas; we have a long, healthy argument (which the media plays up as it likes); we decide what we’re going to do; and, finally, as is necessary for any life of freedom, with confidence in God we do our best to live out the decisions we have relied on God to help us make.  Let us ask God for his help to live the humility and freedom of doing that today.