Remaining in Jesus – Eastertide5 Thursday

As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you.  Remain in my love.  This is, depending on your point of view, one of Jesus’ more beautiful/soppier lines.  Obviously, a reading of it can always have us feeling nice and fuzzy.  But it’s actually a very demanding and a very concrete command.  Demanding, because the Father loves the Son perfectly, without reserve, and because the perfect love of the Son for us took him to the crucifixion.  And very concrete because this is a clear expectation of Jesus that we are in the same perfect communion with him at each decision we make, both personally, and as the Church.  Of course what Jesus asks is impossible – without his help.  As the first reading shows us, Peter, the office of the Pope, and the vocation of bishops, is part of the gift of help he has given us to help us remain united with him.  Let us pray for our bishops today, that they desire nothing other than Jesus’ will and teaching for us.