The Meaning of Horeb – Ordinary10C Friday

When Elijah reached Horeb, the mountain of God, he went into the cave and spent the night in it.  Horeb is Mount Sinai, the place where God gave Israel the law, where he met them and made them, the mountain of God.  Why is Elijah there?  He’s there because he’s in great distress: I am the only one left and they want to kill me.  Today the Lord invites us, whenever we are in distress, to be like Elijah, to run to him and hide in him – because God is our impregnable mountain, unaffected by wind and earthquake and fire, and so are we, secure, if we are hidden in God’s heart.

And so this is something we can do when distressed not only by external situations, but also from the divisions and temptations of our own heart. As Jesus teaches us, if a man looks at a woman lustfully, he has already committed adultery with her in his heart.  Lust of all kinds is a distress and disorder of the heart.  Let us in this mass hide our hearts in the Mountain of unity and love, the Eucharist, allowing our Beloved to unify and strengthen and purify our hearts.  Amen.