Hope (Ord11cSat)

What’s important is that Jesus does not say stop worrying, but nothing will change.  Rather he says something beyond all hope: Set your hearts on his kingdom first, and on his righteousness, and all these other things will be given you as well.  This is great news.  This is the news of change and hope. Putting our trust in God, consciously handing over the problem to the furnace of his heart and letting go of it ourselves means God can transform the problem, melt it down, burn away all the evils in it, and mould it into something completely new.  By ourselves, worrying about the problem, does not change it.  This is what Jesus is saying: stop hugging tight your problem!  What can you do?  Without me you can do nothing!  What he is saying is that no problem entrusted to him remains unaffected: no power on earth can resist his love.  He laughs at problems – and idiots who pretend to be powerful: and then puts them in order.