False prophets (Ord12cWed)

white-wizardAny tree that does not produce good fruit is cut down and thrown in the fire.  Usually a homily about Jesus’ warning to beware of false prophets turns on a criticism of contemporary media and academia.  With good reason: some of the people in these fields peddle poisonous, rotten ideology.  So, as Jesus says, beware of prophets of falsehoods!

But – all Christians are prophets: our baptism made each of us priest, prophet and king in Jesus Christ.  And all of us are sinners.  So maybe Jesus is observing that each of us, too, as sinful Christians, are to a greater or lesser extent false prophets.  This is not to guilt trip us: but to help us better know ourselves.  Where are our fruits?  Are some of the fruits we give others rotten – or, are we sterile and bearing no fruits of Christ’s light in the world?  Where are we peddling our own ideas with little connection to the love of Jesus Christ?  This mass today is an opportunity for us to repent: to turn our hearts to the Lord and give them to him, that in the fire of this Eucharist he change our hearts to seek, and hence only bear, his goodness.