The wonder of my being – the Birthday of John the Baptist

Aside from Jesus and the Virgin Mary, we celebrate the birth of nobody else,  save one: John the Baptist.  Why?  Because John, unworthy even to undo the strap of Jesus’ sandle, is, as Jesus said himself, the greatest among men.  It is in part this very humility which makes John so great.  Like the Virgin Mary, John knows he is utterly dependent on God for his very existence.  I thankyou for the wonder of my being.  That without God he is nothing and nobody – not even there.  Accepting this truth makes it possible for John to be who he truly is – a marvellous man lifted up by God to announce Salvation.

Today God reminds you and I that we are nothing and non-existent – without him.  That we are unnecessary – except, that we are also so precious in God’s eyes that he loves us, and that is why we exist.  Let’s turn to the Eucharist today asking Jesus to help us live that radical extraordinary truth – that we only have anything and exist because God loves us – and help us respond to that generosity with a total gift of our self in return.