Praying includes persistence (Ord27CThu)

prayer-1427565125dg4Persistence.  I think this is an important word from today’s Gospel.  Yesterday we heard that Jesus would spend long hours in prayer.  Today we hear that to be effective, our time of prayer needs to be regular.  It is good, it is true, to sometimes pray, much better than never praying at all.  But it is also true, as Jesus points out today, that it is far better and far more fruitful to pray every day for a short time rather than occasionally praying for a long time.   I tell you, if the man does not get up and give it him for friendship’s sake, persistence will be enough to make him get up and give his friend all he wants.

Why is this?  One reason is that, like in anything else, if we are doing occasional prayer, like occasionally having a shower, or occasionally arriving at work on time, we are living more like a spiritual slob – undisciplined, with a lack of self control: obviously prayer is not in fact that much a priority.  

Contrast this to one who spends 10 minutes in silent prayer first thing every morning, or says a couple of decades of the rosary every time they begin driving to work: whatever happens, they pray.  Clearly prayer, and their relationship with God, is important.  And they grow in self discipline, and holiness.  

So maybe that’s something we can choose today: that we spend some time reflecting and choose with God a time every day where, whatever I feel, he and his words and his company are the priority.  And then see how our life starts to come together much better.