What is God like? (Christmas Octave Sat)

godNo one has ever seen God.  It’s true isn’t it.  Who has seen God?  No one on earth has seen God, ever, to one has God been fully revealed.

Which is really surprising because there are a lot of people wandering around who know so much what God is like!  Some who say God is spiritual not religious, who know that God just welcomes everyone into heaven, or that he is pure energy, or the cosmos – or that he rewards killing.  What do they know?  They have never seen God.

There is one who has seen God however: Jesus, the Son of God – because unlike any of us he is God, and has always dwelt with him.  And as he is also a man, he can make him known to us.  As St John teaches us today, it is the only Son, who is nearest to the Father’s heart, who has made him known.

So it is through him we can most easily and accurately know what God is like.  Let us turn to him then, and ask him to reveal him to us, who are ignorant.  Amen.