What makes a good brother? (Ord18b Thu)

hiking-1149985_640.jpgWhat is a brother?  What makes a good brother?

A brother knows who we are and can tell us who we are and reminds us.  Especially when we are sad or we fall for feelings where we feel like we are rubbish, a brother reminds us about our identity and nobility.  Peter does this to Jesus in the gospel today.

A brother is also someone we can trust totally.  Jesus today in the gospel does not simply hand Peter a job.  He hands over everything which is most precious to him: the whole church.  But the church is the Body of Christ also and so we can see hear that a brother is really someone to whom we can entrust everything.  And this is something for us to check my brothers: are we people who can be trusted with someone’s everything?

Finally a brother is also someone who loves us enough and has the courage enough to help us do the right thing and to stop us from doing the wrong thing.  And this is why Jesus tells Peter off in today’s Gospel. Peter in the end did not act as a brother here: Jesus had something good he needed to do which was hard.  Peter discouraged him from doing what was good and tried to get him to act like a coward. This is not the act of a true brother.

Let us ask the Lord to help us to be good brothers, true brothers, to the brothers, the sons of God himself, whom he has put into our life.