What does ‘reverence’ mean? (Ord22b Wed)

umpires-1571563_640God of might, giver of every good gift,
put into our hearts the love of your name,
so that, by deepening our sense of reverence,

What does it mean, ‘reverence’?  Romano Guardini gives us a few key points:

Reverence, is a surmise of greatness: in other words, first of all us recognising our reality with God – that we are nothing, and he is everything.

and holiness: to recognise that God alone is holy, the holy One, something we cannot possess of ourselves

and a desire to participate in it: reverence is also to desire to have a share in God’s majesty and God’s holiness.  We all desire this naturally – but do we actively ask for it? For this is something we have no right to.

combined with the apprehension of being unworthy of it.”: this is important because this is the truth.  Not only do we have no right to it, but we are utterly unworthy of God.  We appreciate being able to go to mass a little more now.

In reverence, “man refrains from doing what he usually likes to do, which is to take possession of and use something for his own purposes. Instead he steps back and keeps his distance. This creates a spiritual space in which that which deserves reverence can stand erect, detached, and free, in all its splendour.”

Reverence is a key step into entering into the truth: let us ask God for this gift, of true humility, of true reverence today.