How to prepare a way for the Lord (Advent2Tue)

Prepare in the wilderness a way for the Lord.   Make a straight Highway for our God across the desert.  We can ask ourselves what this means.  One thing it means is that God is coming to us.  Of course, this is the point of Advent, it’s goal: that the Lord is coming to us.  

But Advent of course is a two-way thing.  And this is also the point of this text. The Lord comes to us: but are we ready to receive him?  Of course every heart is made by him for him: so we don’t have to worry about whether or not he is really suited to our heart.  But the question for us, and this is the point of the text – how difficult do we make it for him? God comes to the door of our heart – of this there is no question.  But is the door open? And how much stuff does he have to step over and navigate across and avoid in order to get through to our heart? How hard do we make it for him?  

And so this is the point of Advent.  To prepare a way for the Lord to come easily and naturally into our heart.  A key way already to do this of course is our daily prayer.  When we are taking time with the Lord each day, the doorway is kept clear, our heart is kept open, and nothing grows to block his way.  Let us ask that grace from the Lord today: each morning to take at least 10 minutes in silence to welcome God who is already there, standing at the door of our heart, waiting patiently to come in.