Our sole security (Advent2Wed)

Those who hope in the Lord renew their strength.  We have heard this phrase many times before: so it’s understandable if we feel a bit used to it.  But even in permitting ourselves to get used to it is to not understand the power of this fundamental truth, which is illustrated by the earlier part of today’s first reading: who could be my equal?…Who made these stars if not he who drills them like an army, calling each one by name?  So mighty is his power, so great his strength, that not one fails to answer.  What can you do?, says the Lord.  You cannot make even one proton of dust out of nothing.  How can you have a shred of doubt of the depth of my security when even each of the stars of all the cosmos, great as they are, each one knows nothing but to respond to my every beck and call?  In other words, friends, let us in the holy sacrifice choose to be overwhelmed all over again by the Infinity of love and sole security which is the heart of God for us, the only Rock.  Amen.