How to live Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve)

So about now Mary and Joseph are still about one day’s journey from Bethlehem.  The donkey doesn’t come with Bluetooth, so they have plenty of time to consider this mystery unfolding before them.  Who is this baby who is to be born?  How is this going to happen?  They think they will get a room in a hotel:- they don’t know yet that they will be refused at every door they knock on; and that eventually when Mary gives birth to this saviour, it will not be in a nice hotel room, but rather in a place where the animals are kept.  This is a good time for us now to pause and today prepare our hearts for Christmas: that when Mary and Joseph knock on the doors of our hearts tonight, they do not find a door closed by overeating or obsession with presents or with stupid alleged Christmas movies – but rather hearts open and looking to make sure they receive the Baby Jesus as soon as he arrives.  So instead let us spend the day cleaning and preparing the house, going to confession, and spending some extra time in silence before the manger – with Mary and Joseph as they step and ponder who is this child and what does he want to do for me?