God’s silence. (2 Jan)

Unknown to you.  How familiar are we really with the Lord?  How well do we truly know what he is up to?  This is part of the point of St John the Baptist in our Gospel today: that even the very rulers of God’s people, who spent their day immersed in the study of the Word of God – had no idea what was going to hit them, had no idea that God himself was under their very noses amongst the people, preparing to roll the very foundations of their world from under their feet.  In this way the Lord teaches us two important lessons:

  • firstly for us, the value of silence.  We do not achieve great things by speaking out about our every frustration: but rather, great things are done by the powerful – that is, those who have the discipline and humility to reserve their commotion according to God’s time and God’s way.
  • and secondly, that however loud or silent the Lord may seem to us – that the Lord is always there.  He has been silent and active before, and he will always be so: he does not necessarily consult with the rulers of men about what he is doing.