What kind of tongue? – Spy Wednesday

happy-dog-14012514959u7-tongueThe Lord has given me a disciple’s tongue.  When people hear our tongue, do they hear a disciple’s tongue?  If they don’t, then we need to repent of that, and find ways to take control of our tongue.  Because our tongue is a very dangerous instrument: with it we can do great good and destroy evil.  With it also we can cut far deeper than any knife, past flesh and bone to the heart, hurting and maiming and destroying, and killing someone’s joy and reputation.  Woe betide you if you are an unrepentant gossiper or critic.

It is appropriate that this week is Holy Week, the week of the silence of Jesus.  Its interesting that the way Jesus saves the world is not mainly through his tongue: he says hardly anything.  He just does it, he makes acts of love and patience, even though people don’t get it.  Maybe we should do the same: it is not so much our corrections or opinions which will save the world.  Rather it is how we love.  Let us use this week to help us imitate the silence of Jesus, and, if we need speak, use our mouth for good and praise and blessing.