A simple way to enter into Holy Week (Palm Sunday)

Palm Sunday.  Here we are at last.  At Holy Week. Do you feel tired?  It’s been quite a Lent hasn’t it. And all these new changes and regulations.  Real tiring. And so we can have a taste of what Jesus felt like. Often we think: it’s his moment of glory.  It’s his first experience of triumph.  But I don’t think so.  Sitting on the donkey on the Mount of Olives, looking down and across to Jerusalem on the other side of the steep-sided valley, eyes drawn to the Stone Temple towering over all things, House of His Father and nest of his enemies – watching all the people growing in excited murmur and shouts, climbing up and pulling or cutting off palm branches in order to get their place and loudly acclaim him as liberator from the might of the Romans, excited also by his signs – and getting most of the meaning wrong of what he was about to do: yes.  Seeing all these things, and anticipating the trial of the week ahead – I think Jesus was tired.


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